Roof Damage Insurance Claims

House with Severe Storm Damage and Reason to File Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Roof Damage Insurance Claims Can Help You Pay for Severe Storm Damage on Your Roof.

Do you reside in Oley, PA and are looking for roof insurance claim help? You can rely on our roofing contractors! Homeowners and commercial property owners understand that a overwhelming aspects of owning your personal property is needing to submit a roof damage insurance claim with an insurance company. The duty of the insurance company is to make the procedure as quick as possible, but it can really be a complicated and difficult circumstance to be a part of. With time, destruction resulting in hailstones or wind will get worse, but a few people leave it alone since the filing process is stressful. At Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. we are available to provide our residential and business customers with roof damage insurance claims help.

We provide our customers with roofing examination services that will determine what damages your roof has. Once a full roofing examination has been conducted, our roofers are able to get with our customers to go over roofing selections. In addition to offering roofing examinations to our customers, our roofing contractors even guide them on the roof damage insurance claims filing and if there is enough damage to submit. Almost all insurance providers will need the necessary paperwork for them to file, and you can add our damage statement to your additional records. Allow the roofers at Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. to get your roof back in good condition with our roofing repair and roof replacement service. To schedule an appointment for a roof examination or help with your roof damage insurance claims in Oley, PA, call our roofing company now at 610-689-3737!

Process for  Filing Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Before you file roof damage insurance claims in Oley, PA, you may be surprised to hear that having a roofing inspection from a roofing company like Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. can help. Call our office at 610-689-3737 to schedule your inspection today. An adjuster inspection will occur when you file, so when you first talk with your insurance company you will appoint the best date. Damage will be investigated and cataloged by the adjuster to decided on the repairs and coverage offered for roof damage insurance claims. When you get a report from your roofing contractor, you have:

  • Proof Of Your Filing
  • Facts about all present storm damage
  • Affirmation of storm damage
  • And a way to deal with the insurance company
Storm Damaged Shingle Roof

We Can Perform the Inspection to Catalog Damage for Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims.

When you send in your paperwork, make sure you send in your inspection report and the roofing company information for your insurance adjuster. For additional visible evidence, include before and after damage images of your roofing system for assessment. After the inspection, your adjuster will send you their damage report based on their own assessment and the forwarded paperwork. They will also post the first check for your roof repairs. This can be followed up at a later date or after roofing repair once they receive an invoice.

Your Local Roof Damage Insurance Claims Experts

When you need roof damage insurance claims, the roofing contractors at Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. are the professionals to call. We assist you in navigate the trying situation and give service for you no matter where you are in the procedure. To make sure your customer service expectations and roofing needs are met, we take the time to keep you completely informed throughout the roofing process. Contact 610-689-3737 for Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. to begin on your roof damage insurance claims in Oley, PA or the surrounding area today.

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