No Roof Left Behind: Nominations Begin

No Roof Left BehindWe are now accepting nominations for our 2019 No Roof Left Behind Project. Who do YOU know that deserves a new roof? A teacher? Pastor? Friend? Neighbor? For the 7th year, Mast Roofing & Construction will be installing a brand new roof for FREE to a deserving homeowner in need.

How it works

Nominate: March 20 – May 5 The public submits nominations to No Roof Left Behind. We are looking for families that are hardworking members of the community, but may have fallen on hard times, or for some reason cannot afford a roof. When nominating, please be specific about why you think they deserve a free roof and tell their story. There are three requirements that must be met:

  1. The nominee must live in Berks County or Montgomery County.
  2. The nominee must own the home.
  3. The nominee must be current on the mortgage for the home.

Vote: We choose four finalists from all the nominations, and then present them to the public to vote on who should get the free roof. The nominee with the most votes is given the free roof. Voting will be open from June 1st-15th 2019.

Installation: Our whole crew – office staff included – is on site and we have an Installation Celebration!

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Past No Roof Left Behind Winners

  • 2018 Winner – Jacob & Emily Cook of West Lawn, PA

    No Roof Left Behind

    Jake and Emily are the type of couple who’d give you their last dollar if you needed it. Despite their own struggles, they manage to keep an upbeat attitude and never say no to helping others. Whether it be to lend a tool to a neighbor, a ride to an elder, a sitter to a couple, or a dollar to a friend, they are there. It’s inspiring given what they deal with daily. Emily was diagnosed with MS only two weeks after their wedding. Five months later, they found out they were expecting a daughter in October 2016. Six months after welcoming Maddy, Jake was diagnosed with narcolepsy. They both work full time and struggle to maintain a normal life while dealing with the challenges in front of them. A few words from Emily's perspective: "After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost 3 years ago, each follow up doctor visit and MRI have showed further disease progression. I currently experience permanent vision loss, weakness in both of my hands, and difficulty walking distances. I continue to be on a journey to find what treatment, diet, exercise, and medication will allow me to live most comfortably and hopefully without further disease progression or disability. Most of these things are costly and not covered by insurance. These costs have contributed to us falling on hard times. I currently work full time to help with our bills, care for our daughter, and also to maintain health insurance coverage. I would like to continue to work as long as I am physically able. On top of the extra care I sometimes need, as well as helping to raise our daughter, Jake also works full time. And despite having a sleep disorder himself, he also maintains a second job in the summer months to help our finances. But with the above said, we try not to focus on the bad we may experience, although it is sometimes daily. Instead, we try to make life positive by being good to each other and to those around us, even if it sometimes means sacrificing our own needs." It’s understandable when home improvements take a back seat. It was an honor to lift this burden from this special family!

    Cook Family 2018 No Roof Winner
    2018 Winner No Roof
  • 2017 Winner - David and Beth Lewandowski of Temple, PA

    David Beth 2017 No Roof Winner
    2017 Winner No Roof
  • 2016 Winner - Darlene Richard of Hamburg, PA

    Darlene Richard Winner No Roof
    2016 No Roof Left Behind Winner
  • 2015 Winner - Ken & Emily Adams of Leesport, PA

    2015 Winner Adams Family
  • 2014 Winner - Miriam Rissmiller of Exeter, PA

    No Roof Left Behind Rissmiller 2014 Before
    No Roof Left Behind Rissmiller 2014
  • 2013 Winner - Beverly Oswald

    Beverly Oswald No Roof Left Behind