Project Peace of Mind

We are now accepting nominations for our FREE ROOF Giveaway called “Project Peace of Mind”.  Who do YOU know that deserves a new roof? A teacher? Pastor? Friend? Neighbor? For the 10th year, Mast Roofing & Construction will be installing a brand new roof for FREE to for a deserving homeowner in need.

How It Works

Nominate: The public submits nominations to here on this website (scroll down to see the form). We are looking for families that are hardworking members of the community, but may have fallen on hard times, or for some reason cannot afford a roof. When nominating, please be specific about why you think they deserve a free roof and tell their story. There are two requirements that must be met:

  1.  The nominee must own the home.
  2.  The nominee must be current on the mortgage and taxes for the home.

**We will be accepting nominations until JUNE 15, 2022.**

Selection:  The Team at Mast Roofing will carefully review all nominations and choose this years’ recipient.

Installation: Our whole crew – office staff included – is on site and we have an Installation Celebration!

    Nominator Information

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    Nominee Information

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    Roof Condition

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    It is HIGHLY recommended that you upload pictures of your house/roof.  This is important so we can have a better idea of what you are describing.


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    Past Winners

    • 2019 Winner – Howard and Linda Smith of Hamburg, PA

      past winner
    • Smith Family
      Smith Family Home After New Roof Installation

      Howard and Linda have raised a beautiful family who support each other through thick and thin. They are your typical American family – honest, hard-working people who do their best each day to be a light in the world. They built their home on a hill in Hamburg over 48 years ago, raised their children, and now have been blessed with grandchildren. One of their boys, Jeff, and his family lives in the house beside them and has been carrying the burden of helping take care of that home they built so long ago. In his words, "My parent's roof is in sad condition. I have patched many areas where shingle tabs have blown off. The roof was installed in the early 90's and is past the end of its life. My parents are both retired and are trying to make it on Social Security, and have struggled to pay their property tax, but are able to somehow do it each year. My father had his right leg amputated due to cancer, and can't work. My mother is dealing with arthritis, but keeps pushing on. I maintain their yard and fix things in the house as needed, but as for paying for and/or installing a roof, that's beyond my financial and physical means. A new roof would keep them in their home of 48 years, and give them peace of mind." We were so honored to be a part of giving them that peace of mind, and so enjoyed the day we spent with them on Installation Day! We are so glad that the roof over their head is no longer a concern for this delightful family!

    • 2018 Winner – Jacob & Emily Cook of West Lawn, PA

      Cook Family 2018 No Roof Winner
      2018 Winner No Roof
    • 2017 Winner - David and Beth Lewandowski of Temple, PA

      David Beth 2017 No Roof Winner
      2017 Winner No Roof
    • 2016 Winner - Darlene Richard of Hamburg, PA

      Darlene Richard Winner No Roof
      2016 Winner
    • 2015 Winner - Ken & Emily Adams of Leesport, PA

      2015 Winner Adams Family
    • 2014 Winner - Miriam Rissmiller of Exeter, PA

      Rissmiller 2014 Before
      Rissmiller 2014
    • 2013 Winner - Beverly Oswald

      Beverly Oswald