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Roofing Contractor Articles

Below you'll find a variety of articles from the expert roofing contractors at from Mast Roofing & Construction, Inc. We cover everything from roof repairs to why you need annual roof inspections in this useful roofing tips.

What Red Flags You Could Be Missing Without a Roof Inspection in Berks County

roof inspection reading paToo often, when we ask a Reading homeowner when the last time was that they had their roof inspected, we get sort of a blank stare in response. This person will try to remember and often reply with, “Whenever we had the home inspection done before buying the house.” Obviously, this is not the answer any reputable roofing contractor wants to hear. … Read More

Berks County Roof Repair Tips: What You Need to Know About Roof Leaks

roof repairs oley paWhen it comes to leaks, either preventing them or repairing them, there are some things that you should be aware of. Once you can visibly see a leak, obviously you have a problem. The other problem is that identifying the source may not be as easy as you might assume. A leak can travel quite a distance. So while you may envision the source is directly over where you see a drip, that may not be the case at all … Read More

Should You Replace Your Roof in the Winter or Wait?

roof replacement oley paRoofing contractors work all year for the simple fact that roofing work needs to be done all year long. There is never a time of year emergency repairs and replacement needs don't come up. So while it is better to plan for these things, it may not always be possible. The peak season for roof installation is the end of summer into late fall. The temperature is ideal for carrying out work like this for contractors. It is also suitable conditions for keeping the materials in the best of shape. However, that also often means … Read More

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